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Step-By-Step Process


Register a Fictitious Firm Name

Sole proprietorships and legal business entities, such as corporations, that work under a different name should file a Certificate of Business Fictitious Firm name with the Clark County clerk's office. This certificate registers that a business is operating under a particular name, but does not guarantee that the name is unique or reserve exclusive rights to the use of the name. Some state agencies, such as the Nevada Secretary of State and the Nevada Board of Contractors, do require a unique name.

Obtain free EIN number from Internal Revenue Service 

EIN (Employer Identification Number), is also known as Federal Tax Identification number. Get it for free from the IRS.

Nevada State Business License

Businesses are required to obtain a license through the State of Nevada prior to obtaining a local business license. You will be required to list your NV License Number on your local license application. State licenses can be completed online. Business that are exempt from obtaining a state business license must still file for Notice of Exemption through the Secretary of State. In addition, have your state licenses and registrations in place before you apply with local agencies. This may include a state contractors license, federal firearms license, cosmetology license or engineering registration.

Visit Nevada Department of Taxation

Prior to starting a business, visit the Nevada Department of Taxation to learn about state tax information specific to your business; learn about sales tax, use tax, other tax liabilities, filing process, audit process, recent updates and more. If your business involves sales, obtain a Nevada Tax ID. A copy of your receipt will be required by the local business license office.

Verify Your Building is Code Compliant 

Verify that your building meets or can be made to meet building and fire code requirements. Businesses that commonly have 50 or more occupants at one time are usually considered places of public assembly. If you are planning to open a restaurant, tavern, recreation facility, retail or any customer-oriented facility contact the Building & Safety Department to check the Certificate of Occupancy prior to finalizing your location. Building codes and fire codes change frequently and you, as a new tenant, will be subject to the most recent changes. The fact that a previous tenant was approved for a similar business in the past does not guarantee approval for your business.

Regulatory and Local Business Licenses

Determine your business jurisdiction prior to obtaining license.

Depending on the nature of a business, a regulatory license (Liquor, Gaming, other) may be required prior to obtaining a local business license. Local business license offices or the State of Nevada issue and govern regulatory licenses. Visit your local business licensing office or check online. In addition, you will want to check the zoning on your location by contacting our Planning Department. Finally, if conducting business in more than one jurisdiction you may need to obtain additional licenses from North Las Vegas, Henderson or Clark County.

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