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Building Permits

333 N. Rancho Drive, 89106

Effective August 5th, commercial, residential and civil building plans can be submitted electronically

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Prior to the building process, there is a planning and development process that may involve required zoning, aesthetic review, variances and permit approval. In addition, subdividing and land development requirements will require engineering review. Call 702-229-6251 and a representative will assist you in filling out required permit applications. Only a Nevada licensed contractor may obtain a building permit for commercial construction.

Building Express Plan Review

The owner/builder team meets with the plans examiners and they work until plans are approved and permits are ready to be issued. The cost is a non-refundable $550 administrative fee and $660 per hour over and above the regular published plan review fees. The keys to a successful express appointment includes a pre-review appointment to evaluate your plans in the design stage and point out potential problem areas. The fee for a pre-review appointment starts at $176 per hour. To make an appointment, please call 702-229-6251.

Civil Express Plan Review

This program can substantially reduce the review time of civil plans if the plans have been properly designed and prepared.The express program has a $300 application fee, a $54 admin fee and minimum plan check fee of $500 (see the bond estimate for the actual plan check fee) that will be due at the time of submittal. A follow up express review meeting will be scheduled a minimum of one week from the time of submittal. The express review meetings are charged at $600 per hour with a minimum of one hour, and any additional time over the hour will be calculated to the next quarter hour.

To schedule, please email Express@LasVegasNevada.gov, or call 702-229-6371.

Typical Plans Check Delays

We thoroughly review all aspects of submissions for code compliance, there are some common issues to avoid.

  • Improper setbacks
  • Plans don't match approved elevations
  • Missing or improper truss calculations and layout
  • Inconsistencies between plans
  • Problems with fire walls and fire barriers
  • Exiting problems
  • Fire resistant assembly details incomplete
  • International Energy Conservation Code incorrectly calculated
  • Accessibility routes of access for handicapped not shown
  • Electrical load calculations not provided, or incorrect
  • Civil drawings not submitted or approved, grading plans, flood studies, traffic studies, bonds and agreements, etc.
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