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Parking FAQs

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Are there any special parking programs?
Occasionally the Parking Services Division may run special programs. One of those programs is Toys for Tickets. Any driver issued a non-public safety parking ticket in the city of Las Vegas may choose to resolve the ticket by providing a non-violent, unwrapped toy of equal or greater value than the ticket fine, to the Parking Services Office. To participate, drivers must bring the parking ticket, the unwrapped toy as well as a receipt for the toy. The eligible dates of this program will vary and will be listed as the program is approved.
How do I get a boot removed?
All citations associated with the vehicle that has been booted must be paid in full, including a $75 boot fee, before the boot will be removed. You have the right to appeal only the validity of the vehicle’s placement on the boot eligibility list. All fees must be paid in full for the boot to be removed while you await the hearing. The hearing officer will only be deciding on whether or not the vehicle in question was eligible for immobilization. If the hearing officer decides for your case, you will be refunded the $75 boot fee.
Cash, certified funds or MasterCard, VISA or Discover credit card payments will be accepted with signed authorization from the cardholder. No personal or business checks.
If your car has been towed as a result of a boot and payment has been made, parking services will provide the tow company the release notification to allow you to get the car from the impound yard. Proof of ownership, current registration or a temporary moving permit will be required by the tow yard in order to release the vehicle along with the letter from parking services.
How do I request a time payment installment plan?

Time payment installment plans are available to put a citation on hold at its current amount due, avoid the assessment of future penalties and allow you the ability to pay in monthly installments. Plans can now be paid online.

  • Installment plans require an agreement to be signed along with a copy of a photo ID.
  • Installment plans have no grace period once they are set up. Defaults in monthly installments will result in a cancellation of the agreement and any penalties that would have been assessed will be added back onto the citation.
  • $25 non-­refundable administrative set­up fee is due upon setting up the installment plan.
  • A Time Payment Application can be found at the top of this page.
  • For more information, contact our office by phone at 702-229-4700.
How do I request an appeal?

If you are appealing for one of the following reason, please contact our office first to see if you qualify for any administrative reductions.

  • Registration Not Displayed – your vehicle was registered at the time of the citation.
  • Handicap Violation – you have a valid placard that was valid at the time of the citation.
  • Overtime Meter – you have a valid paid receipt for the meter that covered the time of the citation
  • Don’t own the vehicle anymore – If you have a complete Bill of Sale or Dealer Trade in documents that were dated prior to the date of the citation. See Declaration of Non-Ownership form under Frequently Used Forms.

Level 1 Appeal

  • Appeal Form must be submitted within 30 days of the citation date to avoid penalties. (will be accepted up to 90 days of the citation date, but late penalties may apply). No appeal will be accepted beyond 90 days from the citation date.
  • You are not required to be present at the Parking Services Office to submit your appeal form. Forms can be submitted online, emailed, faxed or mailed.
  • Level 1 Appeals are non-appearance hearings and will be decided on solely on the evidence you provide.
  • If you are appealing based on financial hardship, please review the documents that are determined to provide evidence of hardship in the Hardship Substantiation pdf at the top of this page.
  • Submit your written appeal either in-person, by fax or email by downloading the form located in Frequently Used Forms.  Include ALL evidence and a copy of your photo ID at the time of submission.  You may also appeal online by using the Appeal Ticket button on our home page.
  • Notification of decision is by USPS first class mail and email if you wish.
  • Level 1 appeals are normally scheduled within 3 weeks of receipt, if you have not heard anything within 3 weeks, please contact the office.

Please do not pay your ticket if you are submitting an appeal until directed to do so by the Hearings Clerk or your decision letter.  Making a payment prior to your appeal being processed will cancel your appeal.

It is the responsibility of the Appellant to ensure that any electronic mail service correctly receives the emailed decision. (ie. Ensure that communications are not blocked or forwarded to spam.)  All decisions (except dismissals) will require action within 30 days of the decision date to avoid additional penalties.

Level 2 Appeal

  • All tickets must have gone through the Level 1 Appeal first.
  • You must submit your request for a Level 2 appeal within 30 days of your Level 1 decision.
  • A Level 2 Appeal Form will require your signature and you are required to be present at the Parking Services Office to review your appeal before the Hearing Officer.  Contact our office to schedule your hearing date and time.
  • If you have additional evidence you would like to present, provide it prior to your hearing date.

If you are NOT the registered owner of the vehicle, we will require an authorization form signed by the owner authorizing a representative be present on their behalf.

How do fines escalate on parking citations?
Fines are due within 30 days from the date of issue. If the payment is not paid in full by the 30 days, the ticket will assess the first penalty, (see fine/fees schedule). If the ticket is not paid in full including the penalty by 45 days from the date of issue, the ticket will assess the second penalty. Example: $20 fine, if paid after 30 days $30 is due, if paid after 45 days $40 is due.